Courtney + Ben’s Intimate Cincinnati Wedding Ceremony

I joined the launch team of Queen City Church about two years ago where I met Courtney. From the start, Courtney was someone I admired and viewed as a powerful, confident woman. She had a presence about her that was the perfect mixture of softness and strength. I got to see (from a very far distance) as Courtney fell in love with Ben. Ben is kindness personified, the kind of person you want as your friend. The two of them together are a powerhouse of a couple. They are leaders who display the love of Jesus in incredible ways.

I didn’t have the honor of knowing them well before I became their wedding photographer but through the process, I gained so much love and respect for who they are. They had a May wedding planned and as new restrictions and orders popped up every day, they handled it with joy in their hearts, always caring for other people and keeping the important things at the forefront of their hearts.

On May 9, when I showed up to Courtney’s house, there were plants and flowers EVERYWHERE, Courtney looked like she was sitting in a garden while getting her hair + makeup done. I made a comment about it and Courtney then told me that her best friend Lauren (one of her bridesmaids) had a dream about her wedding a few months back when the world started going hay-wire and she said that the thing that stuck out to Lauren was that they were surrounded by flowers. I think it shows in the photos that that’s exactly how the day was.

I can’t even begin to explain what an honor it was to serve Ben + Courtney. The love they have for each other is infectious. The world is going to be better because they’re together, I’m sure of it.

Hair + Makeup: Ari of AV Beauty Bar

Florals: Heather Cromer

  1. Terri Widelitz says:

    You captured the joy and beauty of this long awaited marriage so beautifully!

    So grateful!!

    Congratulations to our kids!

  2. Uncle Ken and Aunt Kathy says:

    How absolutely amazing you both look.
    You can see your love in you happy faces. May you have a long and wonderful marriage. It is special to me and Uncle Ken that you married on our 33 wedding anniversary. May our Lord
    Bless you both.


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