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I'm a 23 year old Cincy native who just happens to be a hopeless romantic with a camera. I started this thang when I was about 17 and have been going after it ever since! My approach is to photograph you as you are and help you create real memories in front of my camera. I give just enough direction to make you at ease but not so much that you feel unlike yourself. It's important to me to pay attention to who you are, what lights you up, and capture photos that look how your moments felt.

Photography aside, I'm passionate about empowering women to pursue what they love and lifting them up to reach their goals. I'm also passionate about mexican food, Jesus, a bright sunny morning, my girl friends who all happen to be boss ladies, traveling to literally anywhere, and my cutest puppy boy. 

hi, I'm Annie!

hey peeps, I'm Kelsey!

I have a masters in social work but when I became friends with Annie a couple years ago in the middle of my studies, I quickly realized, through our friendship and being dragged to her shoots with her, that I had a hidden love for photography. I decided to completely take a leap of faith, despite 5 years of hard work at school, and completely change my career choice and pursue photography. Now I am photographing full time with my best friend and am completely in love with my job -- how cool is that? I love being able to connect with people through the images I am creating. I also have a passion for making people smile and giggle. I enjoy being able to visibly capture people’s love and emotions for each other. I’m thankful I have found something that challenges me to utilize my creative mind. I’m also thankful I get to do something that I truly enjoy, makes me happy, and makes others happy!

My husband Lendyn is the most amazing man on this planet and is 100% supportive of my hopes and dreams as a photographer (you’ll even catch him tagging along with me as my second shooter on wedding days). We have a beautiful little baby on the way we already love so much and we can’t wait to snuggle her this summer. Our husky pup, CiCi, is our other baby (full of fur) and we are completely obsessed with her (she is the goodest, good girl ever).



Hi! My name is Brie and I am an Oh-tucky girl through and through. I started with Annie Ryan Photography in the fall of 2019. Annie and I became nearly instant best friends over the past few years and I nearly cried when she asked me to join her amazing team. I could not be more excited and thrilled to be a part of your journey from saying “yes” to the love of your life to “I do!” I am here to talk with you throughout the entire process. You'll hear from me when you initially book and then we'll keep chatting until it’s time for Annie or Kelsey to shoot your beyond beautiful day. I have a passion for communication and making your experience with us a total breeze. I’ll be here to help you with everything from scheduling your engagement shoot to deciding what you should wear in your boudoir sesh!

I completely understand the stress and excitement that comes with weddings since I was recently married to the love of my life in October of 2019! I met my husband, Jonathan, through church when I was 16 and called “dibs” that he was going to marry me. Took him three years to notice me… but I did some convincing. Jesus is my number one passion and I love to serve at my church, 7 Hills Church. I also love my family (and two golden doodles), my friends (and eating tacos with them), wearing sweaters, watching movies, and anything to do with British culture.

hey there, I'm Brie!

bridal assistant

when my camera is not in hand, you can find me...

eating tacos or aimlessly wandering target

something that makes me happy:

my fur child, finn

if i could travel anywhere, i would go to...

santorini, greece!

if i weren't a wedding photog, i'd be...

an interior designer or makeup artist

one piece of advice i'd give a bride planning her wedding...

don't sweat the small stuff & do it your way

just a couple professional third wheels

when my camera is not in hand, you can find me...

decorating my little home or painting

something that makes me happy:

thinking about my baby girl on the way... and coffee

if i could only have one food for the rest of my life, it would be

skyline chili!

if i weren't a wedding photog, i'd be...

a social worker

one piece of advice i'd give a bride planning her wedding...

don't be afraid to get a little dirty for the pics & don't forget to eat your wedding dessert.

when i'm not helping you with your wedding, you can find me...

writing for my blog or cooking and baking!

something that makes me happy:

my husband, family & friends, and golden doodles

if i could only have one food for the rest of my life, it would be

Mexican! emphasis on chicken fajitas

if i could travel anywhere, i would go to...

hawaii or london (my favorite city)

one piece of advice i'd give a bride planning her wedding...

Relax! Don’t loose sight of the one thing your wedding is really about: marrying the love of your life!

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let's be friends!

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