Victoria + Mehdi’s Edgy + Glam Cincinnati Wedding | The View at Mt. Adams | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

This goes without saying but Victoria and Mehdi are two of the coolest people I’ve ever met. From their personal style, to their music taste, to their personalities. It’s rare to come across people with such refined aesthetic but who are also extremely kind and laid-back. You’d think, looking at their details, venue and wardrobe, that they’d be intimidating or something but the second you start talking to them, you fall in love with who they are. They’re this super chill couple, who love their friends and family fiercely. They laugh and goof around together, they know how to get spicy as haillll in front of the camera, and they care for and love each other so much it beams out of them. They had everything about their day perfected but it was obvious all day that they were really just there to start forever together and that everything else was secondary.

Side note: Victoria and Mehdi introduced me to the song “Get You The Moon” by Kina and Snow. Mehdi’s best man played it for their first dance and now I listen to it like every day.

Venue: The View at Mt. Adams

Videographer: Pinelight Films

Makeup: Reign Beauty Studio

Florist: Shelly Miles


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