Your Wedding Planning Checklist

We know wedding planning can be, well, a lot. So much goes into each and every detail. No matter how many years of Pinning your wedding you have under your belt, nothing can really prepare you for the full-scale of all your wedding has to offer. From your small and intimate wedding, to your wedding with all of your friends and family, each is unique and requires you and your fiance’s special touch to really make it your own. We’ve put together a list that will help you lay out everything you need when planning a wedding (especially if you’re working with us). We hope this helps you know where to start and exactly where to finish- saying “I do” to the love of your life!

Before jumping right into things, I wanna remind you to KEEP perspective throughout this whole process. As the end of the day, this whole thing is about celebrating your future together! Keep that in the forefront of your mind, remind yourselves of your love for each other and WHY you’re making this decision – do that, and the stress and nerves should be kept at bay. It’s all in perspective. 🙂

Before doing any planning, first sit down and think through the most important things to you – the food? The music? What style of photography are you drawn to? Remember your planning doesn’t have to be cookie cutter or traditional – if you like Mexican food, have a dang fajita bar and serve some margs. Do your thing and spend time getting a clear vision of what you’re after. Your planning and budget should be based on your priorities!

  • Create a budget based on your list.
  • Start reaching out to vendors!
  • Go on venue tours – picture YOUR day in it before making any moves.
  • Book your venue.
  • Reach out to wedding photographers (wink, wink) – instagram is a good place for this.
  • Book your wedding photographer.
  • Save wedding dress photos
  • Start a Pinterest wedding board
  • Start thinking about your guest list – you’ll thank yourself later for starting slowly early-on.
  • Research and meet with officiants
  • Create your wedding website
  • Create a weather “plan B” – your photographer should be able to help with this!
  • Choose your wedding party – YOUR people.
  • Including flower girls/ring bearers
  • Request vendor recommendations from the vendors your already have on board – we have a pre-made list of people we trust and love working with!
  • Meet with videographers
  • Research and meet with food vendors
  • Work on booking your engagement session
  • Research wedding invites
  • Book your caterer
  • Book your officiant
  • Book your videographer
  • Save wedding party arrite photos
  • Say “yes” to your wedding attire!
  • Have your s/o say “yes” to their wedding attire!
  • Schedule your fittings
  • Research and meet with florists
  • Save wedding cake photos
  • Research and meet with bands/DJs
  • Book your florist
  • Register for allllll the things
  • Think about ceremony and reception decorations
  • Reach out to cake artists
  • Dream up your honeymoon!
  • Look into premarital counselling if you wanna take that extra step together in preparing for your future!
  • Book your cake artist
  • Look into rehearsal dinner locations/caterers
  • Save hair and makeup photos
  • Order and mail your wedding invitations
  • Order any rentals you might need
  • Schedule hair and makeup trials
  • Schedule a boudoir shoot if that’s something you’re into!
  • Look into wedding bands!
  • Think of wedding day transportation
  • Meet with your wedding photographer to discuss day-of timeline
  • Make a nail appointment for your wedding
  • Mail rehearsal dinner invites
  • Write your wedding vows
  • Confirm payments and details with vendors
  • Confirm details with wedding party – Make sure everyone is on the same page
  • Make a day-of emergency kit – pack it with things you need and things you THINK you won’t need. (ie. tape, scissors, bandaids, safety pins, tide-to-go, etc.)
  • Go on your honeymoon, open your gifts, tell each other you love each other like a million times a day… you know, married things.
  • Send thank you cards to your guests!
  • Get your photos back and look through them together (over and over and over again)
  • Review your wedding vendors – reviews are GOLD for small business!
  • Order your photo album – we can help with this!

Hopefully this helped you get your thoughts straightened out. Remember… it’s all about perspective and prioritizing. We’re here if you need anything!


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