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I met Katie over a video chat back in November 2019. I remember chatting about the dentist, from which she had just come from. We both laughed over how our appointments were long overdue and agreed that we both stink at adulting sometimes LOL. When we got into conversing about her and Logan’s wedding, and why they were considering Lendyn and me as their photographers, I couldn’t stop my face from cheesy smiling. Katie told me her and Logan’s relationship came as a refreshing surprise to both of them. They quickly fell in love and knew they were meant to be together relatively fast, which is something I related to so much considering it was the same for Lendyn and me! She told me they were both worship singers at their church currently. On stage, doing what they love, is where they got engaged… HOW CUTE?! They both share an overwhelming love for Jesus and that is the foundation of their relationship. Being from Indiana, Katie explained that she had been looking on social media for photographers around her area, but was drawn to my photos and really felt like we were the right photographers to capture her and Logan’s special day. She said they were both pretty sold on choosing us, which was amazing.

We had a BLAST at their engagement session. It was edgy, fun, and we had lots of laughs. Katie and I also met a few times over the phone to work out the final steps of planning out their special day, and each time we talked, I got more and more excited to shoot their wedding.

Fast forward to a week before their big day. COVID-19 had just been labeled a pandemic, and our president plus the CDC had recommended not being in contact with groups of over 50 people. I was in total shock and was nervously waiting for a phone call with Katie on what their wedding day was going to look like because of all this. My phone rang and I answered to the most calm, cool, and collected Katie I had talked to for months….. like WHAT?! This girl’s wedding was about to be flipped upside down and all I could hear were 4 words come out of her mouth… “we’re still getting married.” I wanted to cry on the phone in that instant because I could not believe the positivity and joy these two CHOSE to cling on to in such a stressful and weird time.

Saturday arrived and Katie and Logan were still able to hold their small and quaint ceremony at their venue. They had only their immediate family members there, and only a few of their closest friends. The weather was brisk but beautiful, and you could not have asked for a better day. We snapped a few shots of Katie finishing up getting ready in a LOVELY spur of the moment dress that she bought for about $50 from someone she knew. I was in awe because it looked beautiful on her and fit like a glove. The bride and groom exchanged notes and gifts and it was a special and emotional moment for both of them.

From the gifts to the ceremony, to Katie and Logan’s vows, to a few portraits of the two after just saying I do, the entire day felt like it was planned that way. We were never once reminded of the craziness happening in the world around us. We were all just present and there to witness two wonderful people become one. It was refreshing to remember what weddings are supposed to stand for and that what God has ordained CAN NOT FAIL. I hope these pictures make you feel the pure joy Lendyn and I felt capturing Katie and Logan’s exceptional day.

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