I was born and raised in Northern Kentucky passion is serving people, and believe it or not, I have a masters in social work. I became friends with Annie a couple years ago in the middle of my studies. I quickly realized, through our friendship and being dragged to her shoots with her, that I had a hidden love for photography. I decided to completely take a leap of faith, despite 5 years of hard work at school, and completely change my career choice and pursue photography. Now I am photographing full time with my best friend and am completely in love with my job -- how cool is that? I love being able to connect with people through the images I am creating. I also have a passion for making people smile and giggle. I enjoy being able to visibly capture people’s love and emotions for each other. I’m thankful I have found something that challenges me to utilize my creative mind. I’m also thankful I get to do something that I truly enjoy, makes me happy, and makes others happy!

I love painting and decorating my little home in my free time. My husband Lendyn is the most amazing man on this planet and is 100% supportive of my hopes and dreams as a photographer (you’ll even catch him tagging along with me as my second shooter on wedding days). We have a beautiful little baby on the way we already love so much and we can’t wait to snuggle her this summer. I think about coffee probably 75% of the day and have a requirement of eating Skyline at least once a week. Our husky pup, CiCi, is our other baby (full of fur) and we are completely obsessed with her (she is the goodest, good girl ever). I love Jesus with all of my heart and I get to use my photography skills to serve at Queen City Church on Sundays, as I am a part of the media team there. If I’m not attending church, sipping on a latte, or watching a movie on the couch with my hubs and pup, I’m hanging out with Annie being totally weird or dreaming about where our awesome job will take us in the next 5 years.

Wedding photo by Sixteen Fourteen Photography

hey PEEPS, I'm KELSEY...



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