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The key part of making sure your wedding day goes off without a hitch is to set up the perfect wedding day timeline! Of course, there is no way to predict how the day will go down to the last minute, but it’s important to have a plan! It’s always necessary to factor in travel […]

I joined the launch team of Queen City Church about two years ago where I met Courtney. From the start, Courtney was someone I admired and viewed as a powerful, confident woman. She had a presence about her that was the perfect mixture of softness and strength. I got to see (from a very far […]

This goes without saying but Victoria and Mehdi are two of the coolest people I’ve ever met. From their personal style, to their music taste, to their personalities. It’s rare to come across people with such refined aesthetic but who are also extremely kind and laid-back. You’d think, looking at their details, venue and wardrobe, […]

We know wedding planning can be, well, a lot. So much goes into each and every detail. No matter how many years of Pinning your wedding you have under your belt, nothing can really prepare you for the full-scale of all your wedding has to offer. From your small and intimate wedding, to your wedding […]

IMAGES + POST BY KELSEY, KATIE + LOGAN’S PHOTOGRAPHER I met Katie over a video chat back in November 2019. I remember chatting about the dentist, from which she had just come from. We both laughed over how our appointments were long overdue and agreed that we both stink at adulting sometimes LOL. When we […]

Jamie + Evan are two of the most amazing, fun couples I’ve had the honored of shooting for. I love it when brides go from friends and I’m so thankful I’ve gotten to know and love Jamie the way I do because I got to be her wedding photographer! Their Monastery wedding was one of […]

I love a good field and sunset for photos, don’t get me wrong, but I think cozy in-home couple’s sessions are climbing to the top of my list of my fave type of shoots to do. There’s something about being comfy with each other – and from what I’ve experience, it really brings out a […]

Two weeks ago, I was in LA at a business workshop, learning how to create a top-notch experience for my clients, super excited to get home and shoot my first wedding of my season, which was Tim + Alison’s. There were whispers of a sickness going around but I wasn’t taking it seriously. Fast-forward five […]